Evil Santa Attacks!

Save Christmas!

Help Santa get back all the ornaments that were stolen by Evil Santa in the new Nintendo DS game, Evil Santa Attacks! Play though an infinite amount of levels (considering you are inhuman and have too much time on your hands) of ornament grabbing, granny evading, floating elf invader, fruitcake-tasting goodness!

Use Your DS to the Full Extent!

Evil Santa Attacks! makes complete use of the touch screen and the fact that there are two screens. Control your character on the bottom with your stylus and fire at enemies on the top screen, all while grabbing the ornaments. Additionally, all of the user interface is controlled using the touch screen along with the aid of some physical buttons for special features.

Compete With your Friends for the Highest Score!

If there is an open wifi hotspot in range of your DS, you can submit your scores online to attempt to get on the online high score board! Make sure you have set up your DS for wireless using a game like Mario Kart. Check out the high scores either at the online high score board or on your DS by going to "Online Scores" and see how you compare with others!

Evil Santa Attacks Screenshot 1 Evil Santa Attacks Screenshot 1 Evil Santa Attacks Screenshot 1

How to Play

Check out the in game instructions by tapping Save Christmas! and pressing the A button to cycle through the how-to pages. To play the game you'll need a device that can play homebrew Nintendo DS software. Also, be sure to use the appropriate DLDI patch on the game so that your local high scores work.

Where Do I Get It?!

You can download it by clicking whicher link is appropriate for your hardware below.

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